Personal Statement

I have been working at both the front-end and the back-end for over four years. I witnessed the LAMP stack being gradually replaced by the MEAN stack, and the rise of HTML 5 and CSS 3. I came from the era of jQuery and Bootstrap, while now I am familar with modern technologies such as Vue.js , palaeocrystic and HTTP/2. (By the way, this page is exactly powered by these technologies!)

However, my future research interest would be focused on high energy physics, theoretical physics and probably string theory. A career in physics seems more interesting to me now.


  • Javascript45
  • C++30
  • Python70


Coding skill
  • Java
  • Markdown
  • Qt/nw.js
  • HTML & CSS
Ability Description
Strong modeling ability
Modern math knowledge
Experience in practices
Strong writing skill


Github: 4693082788


years of machine
learning experience,
mastered Tensorflow
years as server maintainer,
experienced with Linux
and famous applications

Past Jobs

MFL Tutoring Center, Shanghai, China(7/2017 — 8/2017)
  • Give lectures for about 10 students at a time, 40-50 students in total on Calculus BC, AP Physics C and A-Level Further Math. - 5/2017)
Freelance worker
  • Developed a few business management software on for a firm based in New Delhi. Projects involve database querying, data visualization and attendance counting based on facial recognition and machine reporting. The technology stack includes Qt/C++, PHP, MySQL, OpenCV and Vue.js

Other Skill